Paaldanseres J.D. Swing
o.a. Paaldans, contemporary, burlesque, klassiek, maar ook aerialist in silks of hoepel.
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Paaldanseres, aerialist in silks of hoepel, danseres in diverse stijlen, bijvoorbeeld contemporary, burlesque of klassiek.

Een bijzondere act! Als paaldanseres verzorgt J.D. Swing centraal staande optredens van 5 tot 15 minuten. Ook kan zij optreden als sfeerbrengende achtergrondverschijning van 15 tot 45 minuten (als een soort levende pop, of heel langzaam bewegende sculptuur, of yoga demonstratie). 

Zij kan dansen met een reeds aanwezige paal. Ook kan ze tegen meerkosten (transport en monteren) een eigen paal meebrengen (type paal: ‘x-stage lite’, zie foto met hondje erbij)

Tevens aerialist in silks of hoepel en danseres is diverse stijlen, bijvoorbeeld contemporary, burlesque of klassiek.

Zij is opgeleid aan de Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Tilburg (NL) en is afgestudeerd als danseres moderne technieken. Zij heeft o.a. gedanst bij de Nederlandse Reisopera, voor een dinner show in Rotterdam en zij was luchtacrobaat voor De Kleine Zeemeermin in Gent.


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Video’s (youtube)

  1. Paaldanseres in Supperclub Amsterdam
  2. Paaldanseres Show
  3. Hoela hoep act

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Recensies / Referenties

Elegant en prachtig om naar te kijken!

Ik heb mogen genieten van een aantal performances van haar als danseres en acrobatische artiest. Ze is professioneel, dynamisch, sterk, elegant en prachtig om naar te kijken. Er is niets wat zij niet kan en als zij het niet kan dan zorgt ze ervoor dat ze het leert en perfect uitvoert! 

Met vriendelijke groet,

Andrea Castro 

Dedicated and very reliable

I admire her expressive, beautiful look and her skills of remembering movement since we were studying together at dance academy. To see her mastering pole dance and pole techniques (and aerial techniques) that successful, makes me very proud to be her colleague and pole dance student.

She is dedicated to a very reliable and professional way of working, embracing never-ending research and reflection. Her own artistic works are always well thought through and at the same time one can see clearly, they come from a deeper need of creation. She is not only one type of woman on stage but has a wide range of roles to choose from and a bunch of theatrical atmospheres in her repertory to work and play with.

She knows how to master that gift in combination with various styles and dance techniques. Even if you give her e new challenge, she certainly will be curious to find herself in it. On stage, whether as a solist or in duet or group pieces, whether very close up or on a huge opera stage, she performs in a powerful, very charismatic way you won`t forget too easily. 

Kathrin Blume-Wankelmuth

Contemporary Dance Performer/Choreographer

Highly skilled and very professional!

Dutch-Canadian dancer J.D. Swing was invited at the Reisopera for two of our past opera productions on big stage, which toured through the whole Netherlands: Ariadne auf Naxos in 2016 and La traviata in 2017.

In addition to J.D. Swingbeing a wonderful and highly skilled artist her attitude is very professional, she is very reliable and a great team player. In Ariadne the dancer was part of a small ensemble capturing the audience by her refined stage presence and colorful range of the quality of her movement. Not only in Ariadne but also in Traviata we could witness J.D.’s excellent technical capacity and extraordinary physical plasticity. In her solo appearance in the opening scene in Traviata J.D. was able to give this acting sequence a significant quality nourished by her pure charisma, authentic personality and natural musicality.

We are very much looking forward welcoming J.D. Swing as dancer-actress in our new production of Sondheim’s A Little Night Music in 2019 to explore with her another layer of her dramatic intensity.

Josef Fuchs.

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